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Unit E20 Admiralty Park
Station Road
Holton Heath
BH16 6HX
Where to find us.
Tel: 01202 632727
Mobile: 07747 607497
Admiralty Park comprises part of the former Royal Navy Cordite Factory, originally a square mile site constructed in 1915 on the specific orders of Winston Churchill, the then First Lord of the Admiralty. The primary reason for its construction was to ensure the Royal Navy obtained a significant quantity of the finest quality cordite, this being the primary ingredient for the propellant of ordinance.
After the Second World War production reduced to a point where, in 1957 it ceased altogether. The facility continued as an operational Naval establishment primarily concerned with underwater activities and cutting edge technologies up until the gates closed in 1997.
The site now offers a broad range of offices and industrial buildings far removed from the typical industrial estate surroundings.
The site was also used to film the hit ITV1 series Bad Lads Army Extreme,